Photography for artists, galleries & collectors

  • Photography of 2d & 3d art work
  • Artist head shots & studio portraits
  • Booth shots for shows & festivals

Your art deserves great photography. Fine images enhance the value and appeal not only of your art, but also of you as an artist, gallery or performer. Great images also help sell you and your work, making quality photography a worthwhile investment.

We can photograph in our studio, at your studio or on location. Our studio is fully equipped to photograph just about any kind of art including sculpture, paintings, furniture, glass and jewelry. We have the equipment and expertise to make images that best show your work. We can also shoot your work at your studio or on location. While there, we can photograph you and your studio.

After photographing your work, we optimize the images in the digital darkroom. This includes adjusting perspective, color correction, and anything else needed to make a great image. We then create a set of files that meet your needs. We can also create just about anything you might need to promote and sell your work including business cards, postcards, notecards, display prints, printed portfolios, fine-art books and more.

Art work can be photographed by the piece with multiple views of each piece, or by the hour. If you have a large number of pieces, then the hourly rate can significantly reduce the cost for each piece or view. We also offer a package for photography at your studio that includes up to 6 hours of photography of your work, you and your studio. This gives you a complete body of work and saves you the time, effort and risk of transporting your work.

Contact Mark to discuss how we can help you improve your business with great photography. 360-472-0191 or

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